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    Genia Carroll, LCSW


    I came to work in the mental health field 19 years ago through a career in Early Childhood Development and Family Advocacy.  It was through this work that I discovered my desire to not only help my clients accomplish their goals but to help them heal from things that may be holding them back from living their best life.

    This led me to return to school and pursue a career in individual therapy.

    I am a 2019 graduate of Boston University with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Throughout my 2 year clinical experience I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively with children and their families in a school based therapy setting.

    I began working at Mindful Body Therapy and Wellness in 2018 and began working in the field of Eating Disorders.  I am also trained in Trauma Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and have done extensive work with ADHD and Executive Function behavior modification.

    I believe that therapy works best when it is individualized and when you are helping to guide your treatment plan.  I also place a high value on the therapeutic relationship.  Therefore, I strongly encourage and welcome feedback and open communication and will always strive to meet your therapeutic needs.  In my practice I encourage the exploration of mindfulness, self-awareness and reflection.

    I look forward to working through your therapy journey with you!