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    Ashley Serpa, LMHC, LCMHC


    Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you! My name is Ashley and I began my journey in the mental health field in 2007 studying Psychology at Endicott College, going on to continue my education at William James College where I received my Masters in Counseling in 2013. Today I am a fully licensed clinician in the state of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and I hold a National Counselor Certification from the NBCC. I have worked in a variety of settings doing a broad range of work from in-home therapy with families, to crisis work in the emergency department, as well as management at a local mental health clinic. Despite the different roles I’ve had in the past 10 years, I have always found my home working one-on-one with clients.

    Mental health and wellbeing is my passion. I believe in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship and the innate ability of humans to heal their suffering. Trauma work is my specialty and I have worked extensively with PTSD and C-PTSD throughout my career. I have been trained in trauma-focused CBT as well as traditional CBT and incorporate a blend of modalities in my treatment. I also work from a person-centered lens while utilizing mindfulness, physical movement, sensory work, and skill building. I have experience working with individuals whose primary concerns are anxiety, depression, stress, relationship difficulties, and self-esteem issues, among others. At Mindful Body Therapy and Wellness I hope to expand my experience to eating disorders, as well.

    I am a laid back, authentic, straightforward clinician who has a tendency toward humor. In my practice I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for meaningful and transformative work, so it is very important to me that we both feel we are a good fit working together. I value honesty and welcome feedback about my practice, as I can tailor my approach to your needs. My hope is to create a therapy space that feels safe and benefits you and your unique goals.

    Since starting my career I’ve had the privilege of walking beside so many amazing individuals as they’ve cultivated their own resilience and strength. I truly look forward to walking with you on your journey!