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    Grace Griffin, MSW Student Intern


    Hi, my name is Grace, and I am excited about the potential of getting to work with you! My journey in this field began when I was in high school, struggling with anxiety, and feeling very alone in that struggle. During that time, I felt compelled to write a book about my story with the hopes of providing comfort to others. In my writing, I discovered my passion for helping people during their most vulnerable times. I went on to earn my bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of New Hampshire and am currently pursuing my master’s in social work at the University of New England. I have previously worked at a youth mentoring program as well as assisted at a horse farm that provided equine facilitated psychotherapy. Over the past year I have found my place at Mindful Body Therapy and Wellness and have begun my clinical internship, under the supervision of Holly Harmon, providing individual therapy.

    My priority in therapy is to create an honest relationship through humor and compassion. I aim to create a safe and collaborative space that honors the individual and promotes healing. I view each individual through a holistic lens to best hear your story and understand what shapes your experience. With that foundation, we can utilize your strengths to help you on your healing journey. Therapy can be hard, but I will always show up for you as my authentic self. I strongly believe that you are the expert in your own story and am an advocate for healing through movement and mindfulness.

    As a clinical intern, I am beginning to accept clients under the supervision of Holly Harmon. My smaller caseload will allow me to have a strong individual focus on you as well as bring curiosity and enthusiasm to our sessions. I appreciate your interest in working with me and helping me develop my skills as a clinician. 

    I greatly look forward to connecting with you!